The Waiting Warriors Podcast - A place for First Responder and Military Loved Ones to learn from each other

The Waiting Warriors Podcast is up!

Guys, I’m having ALL sorts of feels right now! 

I dreamt up this podcast MONTHS ago, I wanted there to be a place for Military and First Responder families and loved ones to get real support and learn from one another. I never want a wife, husband, mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, son, daughter or fiance to feel alone again and have tried to get it up and running this whole time, but there were many mountains to climb. There has been a big giant learning curve and a whole lot of getting past my own securities, but guys, I’m seriously excited. I know deep down that if nothing else, I’ll benefit a ton from all these interviews, but I honestly know this can help others. 

Life isn’t easy and tends to throw things at us that we often don’t know how to handle

which is why I love this podcast so much already. Over the last year I’ve become a MAJOR podcast listener, but while I loved a lot of them, when listening to “mom” podcasts I kept having the reoccurring thought of “well that’s nice, but that wouldn’t work because of Austin being in the Army”.  NOW we have a place were we can get ideas that will work for our family’s situation, NOW we have people who can help us see how much we can do! 

There really isn’t much more I can say, you just need to go listen. 

Head over to your favorite podcast outlet and check us out!…/the-waiting-warrio…/id1378613321……

AND I’d love it if you subscribed, and left a rating and review! If you know anyone connected to the military, law enforcement, firefighters, boarder patrol, all that jazz : Share away! 


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