Reintegrate Without Turning Into Roommates or Fighting All The Time

-Video lessons
-65+ page Workbook
-FB Community where you can get all your questions answered

You know you should only be excited, but you can't because of all the unknowns and horror stories!

Tell me if you worry about this too.

A Lot of Time Apart

Time and experiences change people right?

No Resources

The unit briefing gave you the list of all the counseling options but is that really the only option?

Already Overwhelmed and Tired

Another hard transition and putting a whole bunch of work towards something is just what you need right?

How would your life be different if:

Introducing: Bulletproof Your Reintegration Course

Learn how to keep your sanity and relationship strong after your service member comes home!

Bulletproof Your Reintegration Course assets: a complete guide for military spouses

Here's what is included in the self paced course:

Printable plan for you to make the perfect 3 month reintegration plan for your family!

Sounds super basic BUT every tall and strong building needs a solid foundation. Here is yours, making sure you have all the tools right at your fingertips.   


Once you complete Reintegration Key Concepts, you will never feel clueless on how to cope with Reintegration again!

Communication skills may sound boring but these unexpected tips will change the tone and atmosphere of your relationship and family during reintegration

Once you complete Reintegration Communication Skills, you will never feel like you are constantly fighting again.

This is you full and complete breakdown and everything you and your service member should expect during the reintegration phase! No more feeling clueless, afraid of the unknowns, or out of sync. 

We all know military spouses and service members are notoriously terrible about receiving help. This module gives talking points and suggestions on how to communicate with your s/o and their family about your desired boundaries for the reintegration period and how to lovingly hold those boundaries.

This will be your complete guide on how to help your children transition smoothly and bring your service member back into their life.

Let’s talk about the do’s and dont’s of money and big decisions after huge life events

No one wants it to be a thing, but it’s a Super Big Deal, so we are going to talk about it. What is it, how to look out for the signs, how to help yourself and your service member, and where/when to get help.

Ready to be in control of how military separations will Effect on Your Relationship?

This isn’t your typical “deployment briefing” information. This is customizable, ACTIONABLE, and loaded with ideas! 

  • Learn key principles for making a military marriage thrive

  • Use curated questions to make a customized game plan

  • Gain confidence and control of how military separtions will impact your relationship

Military spouse Michelle Bowler. Founder of The Waiting Warriors

Are you ready to leave overwhelm and confusion behind?

Bulletproof your reintegration course: a military spouse's complete guide to reintegrating the healthy way



3 Ways To Set Up Your Relationship For A Successful Deployment/TDY/Training

3 Ways To Set Your Military Marriage Up For A Successful Deployment, TDY, or Training
Michelle Bowler- military spouse - creator of the Bulletproof Your Reintegration Course

Author - Michelle Bowler

¬†Army wife of 11+ years, mom for 4 girls and a boy in heaven, and hardcore believer that it’s possible to have a thriving marriage, family, and military life.