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May Podcast Episodes

It’s been an AMAZING month. The podcast has been up and going full swing and I couldn’t be happier about it! 

I’ll be better about posting here once a week

 Here since I know not everyone is on IG, FB, and every other social media known to man. But for this month I’ll just have to post the months recap.


The First Month’s Episodes

*My Introduction. I wanted to start the podcast explaining why I started all this. So there are laughs, and there are tears. Lots of tears. BUT not in a dreadful all is lost kind of a way. Sometimes it’s through the darkest moments that we find our rainbow, and the rainbow is where I’m at now 🙂 

The Waiting Warrior - Michelle Bowler - The Waiting Warriors Podcast

*The HeroFit Family with Seth and Kristen Horst. This couple is so inspirational. They have a gift a key that is helping many families cope with Law Enforcement life and I love how willing they are to share. 

HeroFit Family - Kristen and Seth Horst - Listen to their episode on The Waiting Warriors Podcast

*The Homes I Have Made. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW HER BLOG OR INSTAGRAM YOU NEED TO STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO FOLLOW HER RIGHT NOW! And then listen to her podcast episode. While she does focus on living in rental homes her words of wisdom on this episode apply to ALL. 

The Homes I Have Made - Listen to her episode on The Waiting Warriors Podcast. A podcast devoted to Military and First Responder Loved Ones

*Melissa Rasmussen. This lady knows how to put her family first. But even better, she knows how to put her marriage first. Melissa Rasmussen - The Waiting Warriors Podcast

*Brittney Zvrizdin is one of the best examples to me of a woman who goes out and lives life! With two littles and a husband deployed you would think she’d have every reason to sit back and just survive until the count down is complete. Instead she seizes the opportunity to be in beautiful Alaska, the time of life when her daughter loves cooking with her, and is making on beautiful life. Brittney Zvirzdin - The Waiting Warriors Podcast

*Amber Ricks. I cannot even tell you guys how excited I was for this interview. Amber has a set of twin boys and then 5 years later had triplet girls! Her and her husband’s story of bed rest, babies and businesses is so inspiring to me.Amber Ricks - Mom of Twins and Triplets & Law Enforcement Wife. Listen to her episode on The Waiting Warriors Podcast

So head over to iTunes, Stitcher, Youtube, etc to listen and ENJOY! 


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3 Ways To Set Up Your Relationship For A Successful Deployment/TDY/Training

3 Ways To Set Your Military Marriage Up For A Successful Deployment, TDY, or Training
Michelle Bowler- military spouse - creator of the Bulletproof Your Reintegration Course

Author - Michelle Bowler

 Army wife of 11+ years, mom for 4 girls and a boy in heaven, and hardcore believer that it’s possible to have a thriving marriage, family, and military life.