Keep Your Military Marriage Strong Without Feeling Helpless, Stressed, and Frustrated!

You're Worried You Will Turn Into Roommates Or Worse, You Already Feel Out Of Touch

All the time apart the Military throws at you is HARD on the home front. You can only fake it until you make it for so long. It’s easy to miscommunicate and for your service member to seem out of touch. Soon, you feel hopeless. It’s not that there is a lack of love, but a lack of connection. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! There are SIMPLE things you can be empowered and keep a thriving relationship no matter the distance!


You are just starting Basic Training

You are a National Guard or Reservist

You are Dual Military

You are Active Duty doing a Geographic Bachelor

You are a Male Spouse

If you have ever felt clueless, helpless, or isolated

Ready to be in control of how military separations will Effect on Your Relationship?

This isn’t your typical “deployment briefing” information, old pamphlets from the 90s, or has hard as trying to get your service member to go to therapy. This is customizable, ACTIONABLE, and loaded with ideas made specifically for YOU to give you confidence to rekindle the spark! 

  • Learn key principles for making a military marriage thrive

  • Use curated questions to make a customized game plan

  • Gain confidence and control of how military separtions will impact your relationship

WOW! Is really all I can say. The time, energy, resources, prayer, thought, example, compassion, and leadership that went into this is truly remarkable.  I consider myself to be a pretty "seasoned" military spouse, and having served myself, I do feel as though I have a bit of an upper hand in understanding military lingo and obligations, etc. But even I learned from this!
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Amy Hawthorne @AmyLouHawthorne

What's In The eWorkbook?

4 Lesson Modules

Each lesson is divided into principles, making it easy to digest and apply. These lessons will take out the guess work on what your military relationship needs and will empower you through each step.

Discussion Questions

Whether you are going through the workbook with your spouse or alone, these questions will help you map out an intentional way to help your specific and unique relationship stay connected.

Personal Examples

If you have the tendency to think you are the only one or get stuck seeing how principles match up with your life, this is for you. The personal examples of how I have failed or conquered each principles pulls back the curtain and will help connect all the dots for you .

Extra Resources

You will not be felt clueless or having to figure it out alone. The workbook have extra credible resources to help you deep dive any of the principles. You will also have access to an exclusive Facebook group only for workbook owners.

You Can Have A Thriving Military Marriage!

I Believe You Can Be Empowered During Military Separations

The military takes control of so many aspects of your life. But you are in control of how it will effect your relationship! 

I Know You Feel Lonely And Isolated By The Struggle

You are told to put on a brave face for your family, and before you know it you feel like you have no where to turn. NO MORE. You are not alone and there are solutions.

I Want Your Relationship To Thrive, No Matter The Distance

Every marriage has struggles, but military marriages have unique ones. That doesn’t mean the success rate is left to chance! Learn about tried and true principles and have a thriving military marriage!

Staying Connected During Military Separations eWorkbook!

Only $27.99

$ 27
  • Over 70 Pages
  • 4 Lessons / 13 Principles
  • 80+ Discussion Questions

Is the "Staying Connected During Military Separations eWorkbook" right for you?


  • You want to learn and implement things to make your marriage stronger

  • You prefer to be active to prevent problems instead of reactive

  • You know there has to be a better way, you just haven't found it yet


  • You want the military to dictate what happens to your marriage

  • You think everything will "go back to normal" when they come home

  • You think it's a toss up of whether or not your marriage will survive military life

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would This Work For Me?

While everyone is different, the principles and patterns for staying connected during military separations are always the same. This workbook shows you the principles and then gives questions so you can figure out how to make it work best for you.

What If My Service Member Doesn't Want To Read This or Discuss The Questions?

This workbook can absolutely still help you and your marriage! You can never control your spouse, so don’t try to force them into anything. Better yourself and your relationship skills.

If I Have A Healthy Marriage Do I Need This?

Yes! A healthy marriage is not a one and done accomplishment. Life will continuously throw challenges at you, and this book helps you stick to tried and true principles that will keep your marriage healthy and strong.

Do I Need To Buy One For Me And My Service Member?

If buying the ebook version, no. You will be sent a downloadable version of the book which you can share with your service member. Once physical copies are available, you may want a physical copy for each person so you will need to purchase two.

What If We Are Almost Done With Our Deployment?

 If you have a month or more left I would absolutely still get and go through the workbook. There is plenty of time to strengthen, or mend your connection. If you are within a month of your homecoming date, I would get the Bulletproof Your Reintegration Course  instead. Get the workbook the next time you have a military separation coming up. Or, like I always say, Education is the best prevention. You know you’ll have another separation. It is the military after all! 🙂

This Isn't Our First Deployment, Will This Still Help Me?

Austin and I have been through a dozen separations and we still refer to these principles and patterns! Every military separation is different, and you both are different, so this workbook will help you work through all the hurdles again.

"Military life isn’t easy, and our relationships are complex, but Michelle understands the journey and truly gives you tools to develop a healthy mindset and tackle tough transitions as a team. So I encourage you to check it out and get your copy today!”
Lauren from Real House Wives Of Fighter Pilots
Laura @RealHouseWives OfFighterPilots
"As a "seasoned" spouse of nearly 19 years and 9 deployments...I honestly didn't know if this book would be helpful to me.  Spoiler alert: IT WAS. I was blown away by the care Michelle put into each word. This workbook will be helpful to the brand new military spouse, the veteran military spouse, and everyone in between. The Staying Connected During Military Separations Workbook is  full of practical tips and heartfelt advice and should be a modern must-read for any military spouse. "
Stephanie Howell @StephanieHowell
"I think the questions for each section are a practical exercise with great potential to improve communication between the service member and spouse.  The ideas discussed in the workbook hit the right notes for deployment or other military separations."
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Lizann Lightfoot @TheSeasonedSpouse

3 Ways To Set Up Your Relationship For A Successful Deployment/TDY/Training

3 Ways To Set Your Military Marriage Up For A Successful Deployment, TDY, or Training
Michelle Bowler- military spouse - creator of the Bulletproof Your Reintegration Course

Author - Michelle Bowler

 Army wife of 11+ years, mom for 4 girls and a boy in heaven, and hardcore believer that it’s possible to have a thriving marriage, family, and military life.