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Staying Connected During Military Separations Workbook on ipad by flowers

Do you want to get even more help with your deployment? Get the “Staying Connected During Military Separations” Workbook for only $10.99 RIGHT NOW ONLY! Otherwise it will be $27.99. 

It has 70+ pages of: 

-Lessons teaching easy to understand principles for building thriving military marriages

-Discussion questions for each lesson so you can create a plan that will work for you

-Personal examples and extra resources to help you internalize and apply each principle


3 Ways To Set Up Your Relationship For A Successful Deployment/TDY/Training

3 Ways To Set Your Military Marriage Up For A Successful Deployment, TDY, or Training
Michelle Bowler- military spouse - creator of the Bulletproof Your Reintegration Course

Author - Michelle Bowler

 Army wife of 11+ years, mom for 4 girls and a boy in heaven, and hardcore believer that it’s possible to have a thriving marriage, family, and military life.